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I am a PhD student in Communication and Culture at Ryerson University (a joint program with York University) in Toronto, studying the sociocultural impact of social media police brutality videos and the ways in which artists are incorporating related themes in their work. My general research interests include: visual culture, Black visualities, documentary media, civic engagement (broadly defined), and video art.

Conference Presentations 

Arresting Visuality: Revisiting Artworks on Police Violence. Black Portraitures (IV) Conference. Cambridge, Massachusetts. March 2018.

Artistic Responses to the Online Proliferation of Black Death. Art & Activism Conference. Leiden, The Netherlands. Presenter. December 2017.

Refusing the Passive Consumption of Online Images of Black Death. American Studies Association Conference. Chicago, Illinois. Presenter. November 2017.

Roundtable: Revisiting and Renewing Critique? Canadian Comparative Literature Association. Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences. Ryerson University. Toronto, Ontario. Roundtable panel member. May 2017.

E-lynching: Examining the contemporary depiction of violence against Black bodies. Anti-Black Racism Network Conference. Ryerson University. Toronto, Ontario. Presenter. February 2016.

#AllLivesMatter: Exploring the contemporary disruption of Black liberation movements. Canadian Association of Cultural Studies National Conference. Waterloo, Ontario. Presenter. January 2016.

Beyond Carding: How the media diluted the discourse around racial profiling in Ontario. Future Communications Graduate Conference. York and Ryerson Universities. Toronto, Ontario. Presenter. December 2015.


Gif from my OverSight series